Tidy mess


I once had a cat, grey in color and though he didn’t really have a name, he was my favorite pet. I considered him quiet,peaceful,timid and of course my fluffy little friend. As the other cats went out to maybe bask in the sun ,he would remain cuddled up somewhere in the house peacefully and i would always say to myself, aaaw he looks so cute. Then one day I woke up and he seemed to be seizing and kicking in pain and he later on passed. After he passed I was left thinking to myself, here I was going on and on about how composed he was, how peace loving he was but most probably he was the way he was because he had been sick all along suffering painfully,slowly,quietly… yet I didn’t even realize it. More often than not we don’t realize that the people we meet,people,we interact…

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Last of the 25th

The twenties are hard yo! Let's just agree on this one before we go too far. Frankly, I think there should be a unit in campus titled “Surviving the twenties: Getting through issues you’d never have imagined would ever be a problem”. Granted, I do not have fifty years of life experience from which I can … Continue reading Last of the 25th